Zir-Lock Ultra.

When we introduced the world to the first pediatric Zirconia crown in 2008, we knew
that dentists would be concerned about retention. Although Zirconia excels in esthetics,
strength, and biocompatibility, it does have one limitation—many types of dental
cements do not adhere well to the Zirconia material.

To counteract this limitation, we designed each of our beautiful EZPEDO crowns
with mechanical undercuts. We call this feature Zir-Lock® Ultra. Creating a dramatic
increase to our crowns' internal surface area and providing mechanical undercuts that
lock the crowns in place, Zir-Lock® Ultra is the key to maximizing crown retention
and ensuring the best long-term clinical success. Zir-Lock® Ultra is at the core of
every EZPEDO crown. Giving you the confidence your crowns will never come off.

Vital, patented technology exclusively available from EZPEDO Zirconia crowns

A widely recognized problem in dentistry. Smooth walled Zirconia crowns come off. [That's why we made a non-smooth-walled Zirconia crown]

Due to Zirconia's crystalline structure—very similar to that of a diamond—cements
do not have good adhesion to this material. Zir-Lock® Ultra is specifically designed
and milled into the inside of every EZPEDO crown, eliminating retention issues that
are still plaguing Zirconia restorations in dentistry today.

Do it once. Do it right.

Zir-Lock® Ultra
eliminates the need
for return visits due
to loss of retention,
giving you peace of
mind every time you
seat an EZPEDO

Mechanical Retention Grooves Work under the most difficult conditions. Reliable Cement Margin Eliminates micro-leakage. 2X Surface Area Significant increase gives more area for cement adhesion. Adhesion Treated Aluminum Oxide blasted for additional adhesion properties. Margin Lock Supports cement margin by preventing cement washout.

You can be confident. When you're using Zir-Lock Ultra.

Designed with a purpose and using thoughtfully engineered features, we eliminated
the biggest challenge that Zirconia crowns face—loss of retention. A breakthrough
in pediatric Zirconia technology, Zir-Lock® Ultra is something your patients will
never see, but they will be glad you chose to use it. And the result is
an amazing restoration that will last the test of time.

Patented technology. Results since 2008. Success guaranteed.

Zir-Lock Ultra patented technology. It's the key to your success.

Creating a dramatic increase in EZPEDO crowns' internal surface area and providing
mechanical undercuts that lock the crowns in place, Zir-Lock® Ultra is exclusively
available with EZPEDO crowns and is the key to maximizing crown retention and
ensuring the best long-term clinical success.

Zir-Lock Ultra. Undercuts micro and macro. Healthier locks out bacteria. Retention guaranteed.

Why hope your crown will stay on when you can guarantee it.

Zir-Lock® Ultra is the latest breakthrough in pediatric Zirconia technology and
was specifically developed by EZPEDO to address clinical limitations associated with
smooth-walled monolithic Zirconia crowns. Research shows a 7% loss of retention
in smooth-walled posterior Zirconia crowns1. Re-engineered deeper-groove geometry
along the occlusal surface, axial walls, and margins provides unmatched mechanical
retention and resistance to dislodging forces in all directions.

Zir-Lock Ultra

Precision-milled retention grooves

Zir-Lock® Ultra retention technology delivers
macro and micro undercuts milled into all
internal surfaces of an EZPEDO crown. And
that means twice the bonding surface area so
you can be confident that your crown will lock
into place and never come off.

Margin Lock

Designed with a purpose from the
very beginning, Zir-Lock® Ultra's
retentive grooves extend all the way
to the crown's margin, preventing
cement washout and microleakage.
This locks out harmful bacteria
from the most critical area, giving
you peace of mind whenever you
place an EZPEDO crown.

Mechanical undercuts Unmatched retention Locks out bacteria Prevents cement washout Prevents microleakage Patented technology
Only available from EZPEDO It's the key to your clinical success.

Zir-Lock Ultra. Retentive grooves that matter.

With unmatched clinical success since 2008, Zir-Lock® Ultra continues to be the key
to long-term clinical crown retention. With both micro and macro mechanical retention,
our patented retention technology continues to set the standard of retention for pediatric
dentists everywhere. Zir-Lock® Ultra ensures your crowns will lock in place every time,
giving you peace of mind whenever you seat an EZPEDO crown.

Mechanical undercuts. undercuts tooth

The interior surface plays an important role in the success of the Zirconia
crown. Purposeful and necessary mechanical undercuts were built-in to deal
with even the most difficult conditions. Groove geometry along occlusal
surface, axial walls, and margins provides resistance to dislodging forces
in ALL directions.
This creates mechanical retention that performs like no
other Zirconia crown, ever. Simply put, there is nothing like the Original.

Cross section of an EZPEDO crown


When your cement margin is
retained, micro-leakage doesn't
have a chance. You can now
clean cement without the worry
of cement wash-out.

Adhesion treatment.

Micro-blasted with Aluminum
Oxide, our crown's interior
surface is perfectly prepared for
cementation. It delivers the
extra assurance, requiring
nothing from you, but helping to
ensure your success—an
attention to detail you expect
only from EZ-Pedo.

Pure glass-ionomer cement.

To ensure retention for the lifetime of the restoration, it is
important to maximize adhesion in not one but two areas: the
cement to the crown AND the cement to the tooth. EZPEDO
Zirconia crowns are unique in that the Zir-Lock® Ultra bonds
without fail to any type of cement, greatly simplifying the
cementation process. To maximize the cement bond to the tooth,
it is important to select a cement appropriate for the clinical
environment. Whereas resin cements do well in adult crown
ceramic crown preparations that are supragingival, the subgingival
prep required to achieve a passive fit, and the clinical environment
in pedo make it difficult to isolate the preparation from excess
moisture. Glass ionomer cements, like Ketac Cem (3M), bond
much better in moist environments (hydrophilic) than do resin-
based cements. And the result? You are now able to use the best
cement choice with confidence that retention will not be an issue.

Cement margin.

All prefabricated pediatric
crowns depend on a cement
margin. This is the reason that
we engineered the Zir-Lock®
Ultra retentive grooves to
extend all the way down to the
margin. You are now guaranteed
retained cement margins by
preventing cement washout on

2X surface area.

The added retention grooves on
the entire cavity of the crown
dramatically increases the
bonding surface area. The larger
the surface area, the more
surface a cement has to grab
onto—making the best use of
the cements' adhesion

Why GI?

Since pure GI cements don't
shrink on polymerization and
they bond better to the prepared
tooth in the wet and wild
environment in pediatric
dentistry, they offer a far more
predictable and easier bonding
solution than any of the resin-
containing luting agents.

Independent Lab Test Confirms e!ectiveness of Zir-Lock Ultra retention grooves

Testing conducted at an independent test facility—Progressive Technology, Inc. www.prgtech.com

The world's first pediatric Zirconia crown has also been shown to be the most retentive. [Take a look for yourself.]

Backed by independent scientific testing, EZPEDO crowns have up to twice the retentive
strength as the competitor. And that's the reason more than 1,000 offices in over 15
countries have chosen to rely on Zir-Lock® Ultra for their peace of mind.

With tens of thousands of restorations placed and
clinical experience dating back to 2008, you can trust
the fact that our patented Zir-Lock® Ultra retention
grooves will lock the cement inside your crown,
providing twice the retention compared to the
competitor's crown.

The smooth internal surface
allows a clean separation of
cement from the competitor's
crown at nearly half the force
required to dislodge an
EZPEDO crown.