Oral health matters. It's a major contributor to total body wellness. And an important consideration when your child needs a dental crown.

Why choose Zirconia? Because it's the best of all worlds.

Created by mother nature and perfected by EZPEDO, Zirconia is the high-tech
ceramic of the future! With its fine-grain translucent crystal structure, Zirconia
produces esthetics that rival nature. Virtually indestructible, Zirconia can take a
beating like no other dental material. Completely bio-inert and resistant to decay
and plaque accumulation, Zirconia is the material of choice for optimal health.

Zr02 Lasts High-tech material Beautiful Looks like a natural tooth virtually indestructible.

They're amazing to look at. And you won't even know they're there.

When we developed EZPEDO crowns, our vision was to create a crown so
natural and esthetic that no one would even know it was there. A smile that doesn't
encourage teasing is a wonderful gift for any child. And EZPEDO has finally pioneered
an option that is as strong and durable as traditional stainless steel crowns.
EZPEDO crowns are the most biocompatible and naturally esthetic
pediatric crown option on the market today.

question is there another option?

Essential [patented] technology. Only available with EZPEDO crowns.

Because Zirconia does not flex, there will undoubtedly be areas where the subgingival margins of all pediatric Zirconia crowns are open. Because of this fact, it's that much more important to prevent cement loss at the margin to keep harmful bacteria out. Zir-Lock® Ultra helps retain cement at the margins during cleanup and long-term clinical use, helping to promote optimal tissue health.

Zir Lock Ultra Prevents Marginal cement washout. Zir Lock Ultra Protects against harmful bacteria. Zir Lock Ultra Promotes healthy gingival tissue.

Zir-Lock Ultra

When clinical success can't be compromised, you
can rest assured that the world's first pediatric Zirconia
crown is also the most retentive. Creating a dramatic
increase to EZPEDO crowns' internal surface area and
providing mechanical undercuts that lock the crowns in
place. Zir-Lock® Ultra protects against harmful bacteria
and guarantees your crown will never come off.

Learn more why Zir-Lock® Ultra is a must.

Go completely biocompatible. Remember your cement is important too.

EZPEDO crowns are made from certified-biocompatible, medical-grade
Zirconia. But what about your cement? Because pediatric Zirconia crowns
require subgingival margin placement, the biocompatibility of your cement is
just as important as your crown. Pure GI cements like Ketac CEM do not
contain potentially toxic methacrylate additives found in resin-reinforced
cement systems. With over 2x the surface area, Zir-Lock® Ultra will bond
better to GI than any other Zirconia crown system.

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