There are a million ways to smile with EZPEDO crowns.

There are a million ways
to smile with EZPEDO crowns.

But don't take it from us. Meet some of the children
whose smiles have been changed by EZPEDO.

EZPEDO crowns on D and G



Unbelievably thin yet remarkably strong, EZPEDO crowns provide an amazing
option never before available to children. EZPEDO crowns allow you to not
only choose the most natural-looking restoration possible for your child, but
also give you peace of mind knowing you're choosing the healthiest and
highest-quality alternative available on the market today.

parent holding

An all new kind of smile.

EZPEDO built an entirely new kind of pediatric crown. For an entirely new
generation of pediatric patients. Our crowns are unbelievably thin, remarkably
strong, and stunningly beautiful. EZPEDO crowns allow children's smiles to look
better than you ever imagined. We don't tell children how to smile.
We just give them a reason to.

EZPEDO crowns on D and G

Looking your best.

It's a look that's always in style. When all the right pieces come
together, it's easy to be confident. And sometimes confidence is all you
need. EZPEDO crowns give children the gift of just being themselves.

EZPEDO crowns on D, E, F, and G

They're amazing to look at. And you won't even know they're there.

When we developed EZPEDO crowns, our vision was to create a crown so natural
and esthetic that no one would even know it was there. A smile that doesn't
encourage teasing is a wonderful gift for any child. And EZPEDO has finally
pioneered an option that is as strong and durable as traditional stainless steel
crowns. EZPEDO crowns are the most biocompatible and naturally
esthetic pediatric crown option on the market today.

EZPEDO crowns on D, E, and F

Breakthrough pediatric crown technology. Just for you. And your dentist.

Every child deserves to smile with confidence. And with EZPEDO crowns, they will.
When we designed our crowns, we wanted to make sure everything was just perfect.
We packed our crowns with technology like Zir-Lock® Ultra for maximum retention,
narrower Prime' Sizes for space-loss cases, and EZ-Seat™ contours for an easier fit
with less tooth reduction—all without wearing against adjacent teeth. Why did
EZPEDO develop a crown like this? It's simple. Because we knew from
dentists and parents that it needed to be done.

EZPEDO crowns on D, E, and F

Finally, a different perspective. Where everyone wins.

EZPEDO has embraced an entirely different philosophy. We think that
children deserve the same level of esthetics as adults. And we created a crown
that is making that happen. EZPEDO crowns offer a level of esthetics and
durability that will make both dentists and parents excited.
And the kids ... they’re the real winners!

EZPEDO crowns on D, E, and F

Finally, a different perspective. Where everyone wins.

Children are so full of life and adventure. With an innocent sense of confidence
they embody everything that is good in life. And we are proud to be able to help
maintain that sense of wonder and excitement with every EZPEDO smile. From
EZPEDO to all the boys and girls around the world we say thank you and wish
you the very best in everything you grow up to become.

EZPEDO crowns on B,D,E,F,G,I,L and S