Our dream has become her reality.

When we decided to design a totally new
type of pediatric dental crown, we did it because
it was the logical thing to do. We didn't invent the
pediatric dental crown. We just listened to what
people wanted and designed a beautiful, durable,
and healthier crown. And the result? Pediatric
dentistry has never been the same since.


EZPEDO results. They're in a class of their own.

All Zirconia crowns will work in an "ideal" world. The true test is how well they perform
in the real world. The proof is in the pictures. EZPEDO delivers proven performance
for real-world challenges. Allowing you to do things you never thought possible.

Deliver Results like no body else. EZPEDO Our technology is the key. Success Become an expert.
That was then. Metal crowns have been the standard for pediatric dentistry since the 1950's. For over 60 years now that is all anyone has ever known. There have been many attempts over the years to create an esthetic pediatric crown, but they have all failed to deliver on account of either esthetics or strength. This is now. With the release of EZPEDO crowns, a new standard has emerged. The age-old dilemma of compromise has been resolved. EZPEDO crowns now offer everything without compromising anything. Unmatched esthetics coupled with indestructible strength—now that is an achievement worth smiling about!
Take a look for yourself. It's exciting to see what is possible when you start using EZPEDO crowns. The esthetic difference is remarkable and the results—well you'll just have to see them for yourself. View clinical cases below.

Just like the real thing.

With esthetics that rival custom adult Zirconia crowns, you can say goodbye
to bulky monochromatic "chicklets" forever.

— D E F G — Dr. Mark Casafrancisco Vancouver, BC

A beautiful smile is a wonderful gift to give any child.

Finding out your child has extensive tooth decay and needs crowns can be frightening. But
having the option available to restore his or her teeth with NEW, state-of-the-art, natural looking,
all-ceramic crowns will put your mind at ease. In fact, neither you nor your child's
friends will even be able to tell that there are crowns in your child's mouth. As one mother
remarked, "A smile that doesn't encourage teasing is a wonderful gift for any child." So
give your child that gift, and ask your dentist today about the EZPEDO crown option.
Every time you look at your child, you'll be glad you did.

B D E F G I L S— Dr. Joelle Speed Roseville, CA

We think EZPEDO crowns look their very best when they're invisible.

Sometimes it's really difficult to tell when an EZPEDO crown has been placed.

B D E F G I L S— Dr. Joelle Speed Roseville, CA

Extreme space loss? No problem.

Posterior reconstruction with advanced space loss is now possible with EZPEDO's new
Prime SL™ Collection. Life just got a bit easier :-)

I3 Units.

From the simple to the complex, EZPEDO crowns deliver a result that is truly
amazing. And at your six-month checkup, they'll look even better.

B C D E F G H I K L O S T— Dr. Jennifer Yee Vancouver, BC

Restore a full arch without using a single stainless steel crown.

EZPEDO's Posterior V2™ time-saving crown design makes
full-arch reconstructions a clinical reality. And they will look so natural,
you won't even know they're there.

Prime SL

Narrower Prime SL™ crowns effectively restore space-loss cases
that are even difficult to restore with SSC's.

The perfect solution for when just one tooth needs a crown.

Now that you have the option to offer natural looking crowns that look and
function like the real thing ... all of a sudden there really isn't a good reason
to ever use stainless steel again.

K— Dr. Elizabeth Crespi Highlands Ranch, CO

Three's a charm.

From the single unit to restoring an entire arch, EZPEDO Posterior V2™ crowns
give you the flexibility to restore them all. Allowing you to deliver the very
best no matter how big or small the case.

Prime SL Cuspids Because of their narrower mesio-distal width, Prime SL cuspids are perfectly shaped to restore lower cuspids. R S T— Dr. Elizabeth Crespi Highlands Ranch, CO

EZPEDO—your go-to-crown in every clinical situation.

Because primary teeth come in all different shapes and sizes, we designed a
crown to meet your needs no matter what the situation. With Anteriors, Posterior
V2™ and narrower Prime SL™ crowns you can be sure we have the ideal crown
designed just perfectly for every possible clinical situation.

I J— Dr. Elizabeth Crespi Highlands Ranch, CO