Below is a comprehensive list of questions most frequently asked.

General Questions

Yes. All EZ-Pedo crowns are warranted against manufacturing defects. We will always replace damaged products—no questions asked. Failure to follow EZ-Pedo's clinical technique instructions relating to pressure and/or seating forces may result in damage to the crowns. We ask that all products to be replaced be returned so that we can evaluate the problem to ensure it doesn't happen again.
Yes. EZ-Pedo will provide you with a free sample (usually one anterior and one posterior crown) upon written request, using our "Contact Us" page on the Web site. Please remember to provide us with your shipping information so we will know where to send the sample. Note: Specific crowns and/or sizes will not be provided. Samples will vary according to our inventory.
EZ-Pedo crowns come in one universal shade. However, during production, our technicians add additional color by hand to the gingival and occlusal surfaces. Adding this realistic color shading allows our crowns to visually blend in with surrounding natural teeth.
You will be given an opportunity to be listed as an EZ-Pedo crown provider on our Web site when you initially set up your account. We offer this service not only to advertise your practice to the public, but also as a valuable tool for parents who after finding the EZ-Pedo ceramic crowns for children option on the Internet, are looking for a local pediatric dentist who offers EZ-Pedo crowns. If you are not currently listed as a provider on our Web site and would like to be listed, please contact us.
EZ-Pedo crowns are made of solid, monolithic Zirconia, a ceramic material time-tested for its strength and durability in adult dentistry. If you have been disappointed by other products in the past, you can trust that EZ-Pedo will deliver a crown that will exceed your highest expectations.
Our EZ-Pedo crowns are the most biocompatible crowns used in pediatric dentistry. Because today's parents not only desire esthetic crowns but also have concerns about biocompatibility, EZ-Pedo has created a crown that is free of all metals--including nickel, commonly used in stainless steel crowns. You can assure your patients' parents that there will be no adverse reactions or side effects associated with EZ-Pedo crowns.
Yes. EZ-Pedo crowns may be autoclaved for quick turnaround without color degradation or damage to the crowns. Completely rinse and dry off with air/water spray to remove any blood and debris. If blood is dried on, crowns may be placed in a small cup with 3% hydrogen peroxide for a couple of minutes. Place the dry crowns in a clear view sterilization pouch and steam autoclave as noted in the manufacturers directions. Please refer to our Youtube channel for more information.
No. Our NEW patent-pending Zir-Plus™ hybrid surface technology offers beautifully glazed facial surfaces for maximum esthetics while providing mirror-polished, non-glazed functioning surfaces for ultra-low wear!
Anterior crowns are $25 each, and posterior crowns are $29 each. Generous additional savings are offered for purchasing in quantities of 50 and 100. Residency programs receive special educational pricing. Please contact Customer Service for further information.
EZ-Pedo crowns come in the common sizes that pediatric dentists are used to using. The Anterior Collection comes in six sizes: 1-6, while the Posterior Collection comes in sizes 2-7, similar to the traditional SSC options. In addition to the standard sizes for first and second molars and upper cuspids, we also offer Prime SL™ sizes for space loss and back to back multi-unit cases. Please note that the upper Prime SL™ cuspid crowns fit the lower contralateral cuspids perfectly.
New for 2014, our improved space loss crown collection called Prime SL™ is now available for first and second molars, as well as upper cuspids to restore up to 3mm space loss for the ultimate in Zirconia restorative flexibility. Because of the difficulties associated with fitting crowns on primary molars where space loss has occurred, and the inability of Zirconia to be modified like SSC’s, our patent pending Prime SL™ crowns are narrower mesiodistally while retaining the same buccolingual measurement as our standard posterior crowns. Each Prime SL™ crown provides approximately 1mm of space loss accommodation, for up to 3mm of space loss per quadrant.
Anterior and posterior collection trays are included with your purchase of anterior or posterior Starter or Pro Kits. Additional trays are also available for purchase under "accessories" at our Web site.
EZ-Pedo crowns have been available for sale in the USA since the summer of 2010. However, EZ-Pedo crowns have been tested in the mouth since 2008.
There is a new code for billing; it is D2929, prefabricated ceramic crown for primary tooth.

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Yes. Please contact our office at 888.539.7336 and one of our friendly staff members will assist you.
Currently, we can only provide "lunch and learn" sessions to dentists located near our headquarters in California. We are in the process of developing educational materials and CE courses, focusing on cosmetics in pediatric dentistry. Contact us for further details. Clinical technique videos are now available on our Web site, and a clinical technique DVD will be included in your first order.
We have recently designed several versions of our parents’ brochure for display in dental offices. These brochures, packaged in quantities of 50, and an attractive display stand to hold them are available for purchase under “Order Online” in the “accessories” section of our Web site. Note: We have an "Information for Parents" link on our Web site that we encourage you to share with parents of your patients.
EZ-Pedo crowns are manufactured in our ISO 13485 certified laboratory in Loomis, California in the heart of the Gold Country. Support the US economy by purchasing US made products! Many of our competitors crowns are made in Asia.
EZ-Pedo uses only the highest quality German made Zirconia material on the market. Quality is all about particle size and uniform density of the ISO pressing of the powder. Mean Linear Intercept (MLI) is the measure of the particle size after sintering. EZ-Pedo's Zirconia has an MLI of .22 compared to other brands that are greater than .27. Our commitment to quality means years of worry-free performance.

Clinical Technique Questions

Yes. EZ-Pedo guarantees your satisfaction. However, we would like the opportunity to discuss clinical technique with you before you mail them back. Most problems dentists have with the crowns can be remedied with the use of proper clinical technique.
Currently, all Trial Kits include clinical technique information. You can also find clinical technique information on our Web site, including both anterior and posterior clinical technique videos. A DVD with the clinical technique videos will also be included in your first order.
No. EZ-Pedo crowns are made of solid Zirconia that does not flex. It is very important that EZ-Pedo crowns fit passively. Because they are solid Zirconia and DO NOT flex, pushing harder will not work. Do not attempt to force a crown to fit. Excessive seating pressure may fracture the crown. The appropriate size EZ-Pedo crown should fit passively and completely subgingivally without distorting the gingival tissue. Internal Zir-lock™ grooves will "bite" the facial and lingual walls of the prep, providing a proper snug fit.
Yes. It is possible to adjust an EZ-Pedo ceramic crown. However, because it is ceramic and cannot be trimmed with scissors like a traditional SSC, it is necessary to use a high-speed, fine diamond with lots of water because excessive heat could cause micro-fractures in the crown's ceramic structure. Occlusal and interproximal adjustments are not recommended, as these will remove the crown's polish and glaze and possibly create a weak area of thin ceramic.
EZ-Pedo's patented Zir-Lock Ultra™ technology gives you the ultimate in flexibility by allowing you to choose any cement system. With over 2x the surface area compared to other crowns, Zir-Lock Ultra™ bonds without fail to any cement. However, to prevent loss of adhesion between the cement and the dentin where moisture control is difficult, we recommend using a non-resin containing GI cement like Ketac-Cem™ for its ability to bond predictably to dentin in a wet environment.
No. Any burs may be used to achieve the required preparation. However, EZ-Prep™ Burs are specifically designed to give you the perfect prep in the shortest amount of time. For those new to Zirconia crowns, our high quality German burs will significantly shorten the learning curve saving you time, money, and frustration.
No. Try-in Crowns were an attempt by other manufacturers that lack EZ-Pedo's patented internal retention features of Zir-Lock Ultra™ to overcome scientifically proven retention issues common with zirconia crowns. EZ-Pedo crowns with Zir-Lock Ultra™ not only simplifies the cementation process by elimination of an extra try-in step, but retention will be much stronger than with any other crown system.
There are many options available for hemostasis, and each can be effective with proper clinical technique. Methods include: Direct pressure with moist gauze, infiltration of the gingival tissue with epi-containing local anesthetics, liquid hemostatic agents such as Viscostat Clear (Ultradent), and injectable pastes such as DryZ (Parkell) and Traxodent (Premier). If you are using a resin containing RMGI cement, you must control moisture and bleeding prior to cementation as the resin component of RMGI cement does not bond to wet dentin. Pure GI cements are much more forgiving and many find that extra hemostatic steps are not necessary for long-term retention. Please refer to our Youtube channel for more information.
No. Our tooth sparing EZ-Seat™ design allows preparation and seating without the need for pulp therapy required by other brands of Zirconia crowns. This is one of many key features that sets EZ-Pedo apart from the rest. It is highly recommended that you follow the preparation instructions described on the website and our Youtube channel.
Restoring teeth with extensive caries and tooth structure loss with EZ-Pedo crowns can be predictable and long-lasting. Extra space must be provided in the pulp chamber for maximum cement retention to the tooth. It is highly recommended that you follow the pulp therapy instructions described on the website and our Youtube channel.
Yes! EZ-Pedo’s patent pending Zir-Plus™ surface treatment allows both mechanical and chemical adhesion to the cement and band on the OUTSIDE of the crown not possible with other brands of zirconia crowns. This is one of many key features that set EZ-Pedo™ apart from the rest. It is recommended that you follow the band placement instructions described on the website and our Youtube channel.

Ordering Questions

We take orders via our Web site. You will find our "Order Online" link at the top of the "Home page" in the menu to the right of our logo. If you do not have Internet access, you may call us.
Yes. We are committed to protecting your privacy at all times, both on and off the Internet. All personal information provided to us online is encrypted and stored in a secure database. No credit card information is stored on our site. Customer information is used only for the purpose of processing your orders and streamlining the re-order process each time you return to our Web site. While EZ-Pedo cannot guarantee complete security of stored information, we have made every effort to do so by using encrypted storage and installing SSL certification on our site to minimize the possibility of stolen information.
All orders should be placed online at our Web site.
To set up an account, you must place an order on our Web site. At checkout, you will be prompted to enter your account information. This information will be stored for use when placing future orders.
For your convenience, EZ-Pedo does have an option to store your credit card information. When placing an order, log in to your account, proceed to checkout and after you have entered the Credit Card information, you will be able to select the option to save.
EZ-Pedo does not have billing services. We require credit card payment at the time an order is placed. Payment may be made using debit or credit cards—Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Additional payment options are available through the use of PayPal.
EZ-Pedo provides three options to obtain a receipt.
  1. At the conclusion of your order, you will be prompted to print a receipt
  2. A receipt will automatically be e-mailed to the address you provide with your order, and
  3. You can log into your account at any time to print a receipt, utilizing the "Sign In" link at the top right-hand corner of the Web site. After opening your account, under "Order History," you can find your previous receipts with a print option.
We have stocked kits for your convenience. However, if you would like to customize your kit, you may contact us for details. You can always create your own custom order with the crown refill option.
To order individual crowns, go to the Web site and place your curser on the "Order Online" link in the menu bar to the right of the logo. A dropdown menu will appear. Select "Crown Refills" at the bottom of the dropdown menu. A Web page will open showing you a graphic of the EZ-Pedo anterior and posterior collection trays. Simply highlight the individual crowns you wish to order and select the quantity for each. You can continue selecting as many crowns as you would like, both from the anterior and posterior trays. When you have finished your selection, simply click on the "Order Now" button and your order will automatically appear in your shopping cart.
Due to the expanding demand for EZ-Pedo crowns, occasionally a crown or crowns will be on backorder. You will receive your original order along with a backorder slip, giving you details as to which crowns are on backorder. The backordered items will be shipped to you as soon as possible at no cost.
Yes. There are generous discounts on your initial orders of Trial Kits. We also discount our Pro Kits due to the larger quantity of crowns in those collections. For offices that anticipate ordering a large number of refills, EZ-Pedo offers a volume discount. Please call us for more information.
Yes. EZ-Pedo is committed to the advancement of esthetics in the practice of pediatric dentistry. Understanding that this education begins in residency, we are happy to provide pediatric dental residency programs with a generous discount on EZ-Pedo crowns. Please call for more information.

Shipping Questions

EZ-Pedo offers a variety of shipping options, ranging from FedEx next-day delivery to FedEx Ground. Shipping options are selected during checkout. Orders ship the next business day following the receipt of your order.
Shipping costs depend on the shipping method selected and the ZIP code to which the order is shipped. Our system is integrated with FedEx, and a custom rate quote will be generated during your order checkout process.
You can track your order status by signing into your account, using the "Sign In" link at the top of our Web site. Select "Order History" and then select "View Invoice." At the very bottom of the page under your invoice, you will find the shipping details for your order.

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