The real Pioneers Discover the story behind the pediatric Zirconia crown revolution.

EZPEDO has a mission. And we want the world to know.

Our mission is to promote the health and happiness of our young patients and their
parents, to raise the satisfaction level of pediatric dentists by producing a product of
uncompromising quality and unique innovation—developed by dentists for dentists,
and to raise the bar in pediatric dental esthetics, clinical versatility, and profitability.

Standards Conducting our business with honesty, integrity, and respect. Passion Never ending product improvement. Value Exceptional customer service and excellence in education.

Meet the guys with a vision that started a revolution.

The reason why John and Jeff are so passionate about pediatric Zirconia crowns
is because they are the ones that developed them. Starting from meager beginnings
working out of John's office and Jeff's home, EZPEDO was born from a passion to
improve the lives of children both mentally and physically and has developed into a
global company that has literally changed the face of pediatric dentistry—forever.

Devoted. Committed to improving pediatric dentistry. Dads It's all about providing the very best for our kids. Dentists We're practicing dental professionals just like you.

As we look ahead in 2015, we have much to be grateful for. We are thankful to our customers—our friends, colleagues, and dentists who have trusted us to develop a product that delivers the results we promised. We are grateful for our EZPEDO team who have worked tirelessly to deliver quality and consistency in the face of rapid growth. Most importantly, we are grateful to our spouses and our children for supporting us, despite the countless hours away from family, over the last seven years of building the EZPEDO brand into what it has become today.

Even as our little company in the California Gold Rush country has grown (and outgrown two buildings in the last three years), we remember our roots. Working together in the in-house cosmetic laboratory tucked away in the back of John's dental office after patients had gone home for the day, we were inspired by the vision of what EZPEDO would become in the future. For John, the vision was seeking a better treatment option for his three-year-old son, John Paul, who kept breaking his strip crowns, placed after a fall in the shower. For Jeff, the vision was delivering a treatment option that would be both esthetic and durable, meeting the needs and challenges he saw daily firsthand as a pediatric dental anesthesiologist working alongside more than 50 pediatric dentists.

So much has changed since we developed the first pediatric Zirconia crown prototype seven years ago. If you had asked us back then, we hardly could have imagined that EZPEDO would develop into the thriving organization it has become today. Now in 2015, the landscape has completely changed. All the major pediatric crown manufacturers have imitated EZPEDO, replacing their existing products with Zirconia and now attempting to ride the wave of change first introduced by EZPEDO when it made its initial splash back in 2008.

In the midst of change, one thing has stayed the same: Our commitment to the mission statement and core values on which EZPEDO was founded has never been stronger.

From our family to yours, we wish you health, happiness, and prosperity for 2015! And as always, call either of us at any time. We would love to hear from you.


John P. Hansen, DDS Jeffrey P. Fisher, DDS

All along the way. Innovation has kept us growing.

Since the very beginning, EZPEDO has continually strived to bring you the very best
in innovative technology. From our very first prototype back in early 2007 to the launch
of our latest Posterior V2™ and Prime SL™ crowns, EZPEDO continues to lead the way in
innovation, creative design, and problem solving solutions. We do all the work so you
can be confident that your go-to-crown™ will work every time in every situation.

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EZPEDO Product Development Timeline

Our Story How it all began.

We believe that providence brought the paths of EZPEDO's two founders together in a very interesting way. It all began with John Paul, Dr. Hansen's 3-year-old son, when he fell in the tub and seriously injured four of his front teeth. Dr. Hansen sent his son to a local pediatric dentist to have his smile reconstructed, but much to his surprise, he discovered there were no options available that were anywhere close to the esthetic beauty and durability he was used to providing for his adult patients. Although John Paul was able to keep his traumatized baby teeth, the crowns that were placed on John Paul's front teeth were bulky, didn't match in color, and had metal showing at the gum line and on the inside.

Dr. Hansen was so unhappy over the unesthetic appearance of his son's crowns that he spent many hours researching pediatric crowns currently on the John Paul and his open-faced crowns market. There were metal-free options that were not indicated due to lack of strength, and there were metal options that were strong but unattractive. None of them combined both esthetics and strength, properties that are essential in restoring a natural-looking smile.

Sometime later, after John Paul's accident, he needed more restorative dental work done, but as a result of his last traumatizing experience, he was deathly afraid of the dentist and unwilling to go through the multiple appointments required to have the treatment he needed. Dr. Fisher had, on occasion, provided anesthesia for Dr. Hansen's patients, so Dr. Hansen called Dr. Fisher to see if he would provide the anesthesia for John Paul. Dr. Fisher was happy to help and recommended a prominent pediatric dentist that Dr. Fisher works with on a regular basis to do the restorative surgery. This personal experience with John Paul that both Dr. Hansen and Dr. Fisher shared made them more acutely aware of the need for parents to have a better restorative option for their small children's teeth.

Working alongside pediatric dentists every day, Dr. Fisher sees firsthand the challenges that pediatric dentists face. For some time he had been observing the limitations of the existing crown systems and developing ideas for how they could be improved. Now he began to survey pediatric dentists to document the characteristics of an ideal pediatric crown.

Fast forward a year. Dr. Hansen was seating some beautiful veneers while Dr. Fisher was administering the anesthesia. As they worked, Dr. Fisher said, "There has to be a way to make kid's crowns look this good." During the conversation that followed, Dr. Fisher shared his dream to develop an esthetically pleasing, non-metal pediatric crown. Dr. Hansen commented that ceramic would be the best material to use, and that they could start their initial research and development in house at his own dental lab.

One day Dr. Fisher returned to Dr. Hansen's office carrying a bag full of crowns. "Here they are," he said, "all the different crowns that pediatric dentists use, and here's a list of what they don't like about them. Let's get started!"

The rest, they say, is history. Dr. Fisher and Dr. Hansen formed a partnership and started to develop the ideal, esthetic pediatric crown. They named their new company EZPEDO—E for esthetic, Z for zirconia (the biocompatible material from which the crowns are made), and Pedo for the little children who, because of these two dentists' shared dream, will have a reason to take delight in their new and beautiful ... happy, healthy, smiles.

exciting 2 new features

New for 2015!

In the spirit of commitment to our mission statement and core values, we are enthusiastically introducing for 2014 our all-new Posterior V2™ crowns and Prime SL™ crowns. You might ask why we needed another posterior crown. As with all the other product improvements in EZPEDO's history (see timeline above), a new posterior crown was needed to enhance our crowns' clinical functionality and increase the opportunities for their application.

More and more dentists are starting to incorporate Zirconia into their pediatric clinical practices and are witnessing firsthand the benefit of improved patient health and increased parental satisfaction. Dentists are eager to provide this type of leading-edge, Zirconia-based treatment and are anxious to do more with this healthier alternative to traditional strip crowns and stainless steel crowns. With the goal in mind of meeting these expectations, we created Posterior V2™ and Prime SL™ to specifically expand the application of Zirconia crowns beyond single-unit and two- unit cases.

Now with the introduction of these all-new, redesigned EZPEDO crowns, we have made full-mouth reconstructions—even in significant space-loss situations—easier than ever before. At the same time, we are helping dentists maximize their profitability by reducing chair time, eliminating redo's, and implementing the use of cost-effective (and healthier!) GI cement.

Conversation creates change. Continual innovation. Expanded crown options. Restores 3mm of space loss. Broader bucco-lingually Easier than ever Only from EZPEDO

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